Digital Posters

Digital Posters

Digital Posters

Digital posters are free standing screens that can be made for indoor or outdoor use. Indoor digital posters are normally in a portrait orientation using a 55 to 65” screen.  Outdoor digital posters have an IP65 weather rating and have higher brightness screens so content can be viewed when sunlight hits the screen. Outdoor digital posters can be larger 65 or 75” as viewing distances may be further away.

These can come with a built-in windows pc or android system or a built-in picture/video player.

Digital posters are often seen in malls, airports and building foyers to display both product and advertising material.

Some examples:

Super shuttle uses the poster to display their shuttle pricing at the Auckland airport. They use a NUC to run content on their digital poster.

Mitsubishi uses them at their showrooms to display/promote certain models. They use the built-in android media player to run content on their digital posters.

Speak to FMCTV to see for pricing on both indoor and outdoor digital posters.