LED video and media walls

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FMCTV supply and install traditional TV screen walls and new LED modular systems that seamlessly join together to create a large wall.

LED video walls are used in retail advertising, events, venues, malls, building foyers and outdoor advertising.

Traditional TV screen walls use slim bezel screens, which tile together so content can be played across all screens that make up the wall.

New large format LED walls can be made much larger than TV screen walls. Large format LED is defined by its pixel pitch. Outdoor LED on buildings is viewed from a distance and maybe 20 or 10mm where indoor LED is viewed from a closer distance of just a few meters and can come down to 1.2mm many airports and retails screens are being installed as 2.6 to 4mm. Transparent LED video walls are an ideal solution for a showroom window or an road facing office window.

Speak to FMCTV to see if large format LED or traditional TV screen video walls are right for you.