Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screens are used by retailers and businesses as an interaction with customers to supply product, company and business information.

Retailers use touch screen kiosks that can link to their website, or show products not displayed within the store. Touch screen kiosks are used in malls, airports, hospitals and other large buildings as directory and wayfinding stations.

Some examples:

Auckland Airport uses them for customer feedback. They use a 20” freestanding kiosk with a built-in Windows pc for outdoor areas. They use 20” touch screens with NUC’s housed in the IT department for their bathrooms. The NUC’s are connected to the touch screen using HDMI and USB extenders.

Z Energy who runs a chain to Petrol pumps run a custom APP on their touchscreen kiosks which allows customers to leave a feedback for the station, check Airports, advertise about their motor oil products and find directions using the google maps feature.

Touch screen kiosks can be small form 10” up to large portrait free standing kiosks of 65”. They can come with built in windows pc or an android player.

Speak to FMCTV to see for pricing on any size touch screen kiosk.